Wednesday 12 May 2021

St Patricks Head


Not far from the sleepy town of St Marys is St Patricks Head, a mountain that gives you a sweet view out over the Tassie East Coast. It's a place Jeni and I have been meaning to check out for a while now. We actually found it a little tricky to find, and would certainly suggest against using Google Maps to find where the trail begins. The place hasn't received the funding it deserves, and the signage to the place is minimal. The internet doesn't have much, so we ended up having a yarn with some locals to find our way (cheers Mr. Tinker!). I'll also start this post by giving some directions to find the place. It's not hard to find, but if you take the wrong roads it can feel like a maze!

Go towards 95!

Once you're in St Marys, head for Irish Town rd (it's on the east side of town). Turn left into St Patricks Head rd. After a bridge, you'll come to an intersection giving you the option of several properties. You want to aim right for 95. Drive all the way to the end of the road, and you'll find the start of the walk!

The trail takes about an hour each way. It's a rocky path to the top, and the verdant scenery shifts from ferns, to mossy bush, to dryer trees as you ascend. There are a few large trees that you'll need to clamber across early on, and the leaf litter can be slippery underfoot, so it's good to be prepared for this. 

Up top, the views are spectacular. The surf roils across the Falmouth and Scamander beaches at a seemingly snails pace from this vantage, and cars driving along the coast are mere motes sliding across that thin stretch that is the Tasman Highway. The Iron House Brewery and Resort appears as a child's plaything, sitting just out of reach. It's a great place to kick back and take in the atmosphere—and the sun's warmth on a cooler day. 

Recently I made the decision to start using walking-poles on my walks. As a bigger fella, my knees are really appreciating it. I found them super handy on the steeper parts of the walk. Definitely recommend them to anyone if their knees are giving them a bit of jib after a walk.

One absolutely amazing point about this mountain, however, is that, despite the influx of tourists to the region this year, not one other person was on the trail with us. Was certainly a special experience being able to enjoy a bit of Tassie's east coast all to ourselves!

Glad to have finally made it out to St Patricks Head!

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