Monday, 23 July 2018

Cockle Creek: Adventure to the South Coast

The greatest thing about Tasmania is how much of it is untouched by civilisation. It's one of the few places where you can drive an hour from the state capital and feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. It's no wonder people spin yarns about Tasmanian tiger sightings. I mean, there are plenty of places for the carnivorous marsupials to hide in this state!

My craving to go places had me wanting to visit the south coast of Tassie. As you'd expect, the roads don't go that far! Southport is the final town—when defining a town as a place with a pub—and Cockle Creek is the end of the road. There's also a nifty sign, labelled: End of the Road, which sees a certain breed of tourist driving out, taking a snap, then turning back around. While there's nothing wrong with that, we're not that kind of traveller. End of the Road? Right, I'll take a snap then keep going forward!

There is a hike from Cockle Creek that takes you to the south coast. For those who want to explore more of the area, there's a multi-day hike around the peninsulas. We opted for the day hike, but she's a bit of a long one, 10kms each way!

The walk itself is quite an easy one; well maintained, and follows a straight, relatively flat track. I was quite amazed to see many other people travelling this path; the craving to see the southern coast runs through many sets of veins! And why not? The rewards for the walk are absolutely worth it!

I was shocked to see the cliffs we hiked to were devoid of colour, grey, like some kind of moonscape. The place would make a magnificent setting for a sci-fi flick! Still, even with the bone-chilling wind, it's one of the nicest places I've just sat and relaxed, drinking in the area's natural beauty.

There's something about antartic waters. I've gazed into it along various sections of the mainland's south coast, but here, it was far more intense. The water's colour holds an epic deepness, sprouting electric-blue streaks with each crash of the waves. Of all the beaches, islands, cliffs, and coastal views I've experienced, nothing compared to this. Maybe it was something about the weather? Perhaps the contrast alongside all the grey? I don't know, but it was ridiculously gorgeous. I really wish photos could convey the slightest justice of what our eyes devoured. You'll just have to come visit yourself!

After soaking in the beauty, and making the return trip to the troopy, we headed north for Southport. It's critically important to stay hydrated while engaging in days of hiking. Hence, the pub was our immediate destination. Southport's pub offers reasonably priced food, camping spots, and of course, beer! They consider themselves the top pub in Australia, sporting the logo of Australia with Southport's location marked, only the country is flipped upside-down! To go with the theme, and despite the XXXX logo on show in the photo below, we hooked into a few Great Northerns!

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