Sunday 17 June 2018

Quamby Bluff


While travelling, I often see a section of coastline, odd point on a map, mountain in the distance, or something that just looks cool that I want to explore. Quamby Bluff was one such location. We were passing through the town of Deloraine, contemplating our next move. Seeing the bluff in the distance, I decided it would be there. A good decision; the walk is stunning!

We camped close to the base of the bluff at a place called Quamby Corner. This is a tidy little campground with beaut amenities and a great open camp kitchen. It's close enough to town for those who need to resupply, but far enough away to make you feel in the bush. At time of writing, camp fees were $9 a person. A bargain for the quality of the place, and we stayed again towards the end of our trip!

The walk itself was amazing! It takes about two hours up to the top, and another two back down. It involves a bit of boulder climbing, but the rocks aren't all that large or difficult to scramble over in dry weather.

During this hike, I discovered the macro function on my new camera. I became slightly obsessive with it, but ended up taking some really unique photos of little critters during the rest of our Tassie trip! We saw some bizarre fungus during our climb, plenty of small lizards catching early rays, and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys.

The plateau at the top offers panoramic views of mountains, valleys, bush, lakes, plus Deloraine and the nearby farm land. While we were up top, clouds meandered through the valleys, making the peaks and plateaus appear as islands in a sea of clouds. At one point, I almost thought I was standing atop a Kalinga from Necrosanguin!

Being above everything, and seeing such vastness, can be quite tranquil. It's easy to just kick back and relax as you take everything in. Bring a picnic for this walk, as the top is a sweet place to just enjoy the serenity.

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