Thursday 21 June 2018

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Over the years Cameron and I have been to a couple of Lavender farms when we are in the area of one. Until now, we have not managed to be there when the lavender is in flower. Flowering times across Australia varies I am sure. In Tasmania, lavender flowers between December and February. This was the first. I arrived in Tasmania in December 2016. Cameron didn't arrive until the end of January and at this time we were busy finding somewhere to live. We didn't have time to go up to Launceston. Visiting Bridestowe Lavender Estate when in flower was something I was not willing to leave Tasmania without having visited. We finally made it in January 2018 on our two week trip around.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate runs over 260 acres and is the world’s largest privately-owned lavender farm. With an estimated 650,000 plants, the lavender rows stretch for about 200 kilometres in total – our guests love to get lost in the purple flowers, clean air and open spaces of our farm.”

There are about 39 species of lavender but Bridestowe Lavender Estate only grows Lavandula angustifolia – the single species suitable for both perfume and culinary use.” - Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Visiting a lavender farm in bloom was everything I had imagined. As soon as we opened the car door we were hit with a beautiful wafting smell of the lavender. Fields and fields of it. It was beautiful. The contrast between the red dirt, and purple flowers made for some great photos. We wandered about the fields, took photos, had a delicious lunch, and did a quick tour of where it is all processed.

Happy travels
- Jeni

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