Monday 30 April 2018

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, also known as kunanyi to the  Palawa kani people, is a magnificent mountain that can be seen from all over Hobart. At 1,271 metres above sea level, the peak is often capped with snow on chilly days. 

Whether you want to go for an adventurous hike, cycle down the winding road (or if you're really keen, up it!), or simply enjoy the lookout views, there's something for everyone to enjoy on Mount Wellington.
When we visited the summit, the temperature was low and the winds were high. Rugged up, it was a stunning sight to watch as the clouds powered on, melting around the mountain then converging over the city.

It's only 22ks from the heart of Hobart, making it a fantastic day-trip destination for locals and tourists alike.

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