Friday 20 April 2018

Montezuma Falls

Not far south of Rosebury, you can find a short walk out to Montezuma Falls. The highlight of the three-hour trek through Tassie bushland is the beautiful hairtail waterfall. Much of the track follows an old train line, and you can really imagine how spectacular that ride would have been back when it was in operation.

At the end of the walk is a narrow suspension bridge that offers a great opportunity to just relax and watch the water cascade down the cliff. There's also a picnic table for those who've brought along their lunch.

Along the walk you may see some native birds and critters going about their daily routine. If you see a heap of white petals scattered messily across the ground, they're from leatherwood trees. If you've not heard of leatherwood before, grab yourself some Tasmanian leatherwood honey. It's the best!

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