Friday 14 April 2017

First Impressions of Tasmania!

Crikey, I've been down in Tassie for almost three months now! Time flies when you're having fun!
We've still been exploring plenty, just haven't set the time aside for writing on the blog. I've been writing plenty though, polishing off The HolturEnigma, finishing the first draft of the third—and final—Necrosanguin instalment, and also making a start on TheHoltur Curse. Yep, Holtur's getting a trilogy!

Anyways, Tasmania has been a beautiful state for writing in. The place is covered in forest-covered mountains, spectacular waterfalls, lakes, and many breathtaking views! When I first entered the state, via the Spirit of Tasmania, I was immediately enchanted. Driving through the tiny towns, forests, and mountains, on both sealed and dirt roads alike, was an amazing experience. One thing I learnt early, is that despite Tasmania's small size, the drives are all long and windy, but this all adds to its charm!

I've settled down in Queenstown, which is my base of operations for writing now. It's a little cold here, but the place we are renting is surrounded in green. It's a very special feeling. We have wild blackberries growing around our house, which the black birds and Jen both love! She's even baked a few delicious blackberry pies! Yummo!

Another great thing about our new place, is that it doesn't take long to head into the wilderness. Within hours are places you could spend an entire day without passing another human being, or even hear a vehicle drive or fly by.. Within half an hour of our place there are views that would take your breath away. It is all sensationally motivating experience for one bringing their own fantasy world to life. 

While our blog releases this year won't be nearly as common as they have been, I will try to continue at a rate better than once every three months!

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