Wednesday 11 May 2016

The lively coastal town Busselton

We haven't been in WA too long, but we sure are enjoying it. The coast here is awesome, the waters are shallow and calm. Fantastic for snorkelling, fishing and enjoying the underwater life. Busselton is a town located about 200 ks south of Perth and not far from the Margaret River region. One of the big attractions in the area is the jetty, I say big because it is 1841 metres long! Not quite as long as the Lucinda Jetty, but it does happen to be the largest 'wooden jetty' in the southern hemisphere.
Biggest downfall about the jetty is that the council does charge if you want to utilise it. Luckily it is only $3, so not too bad! They also offer a sea walk thingo where you put on a space man helmet and walk around underwater. A little bit like scuba but more fancy, of course, being more fancy means it costs more $! There is also a train track which goes along the jetty, so if  walking 2k's out and 2k's back seems a little too much for you, enjoying the jetty is still an option! You don't need all this fancy stuff to enjoy the jetty though, with snorkel gear and entering the water straight off the beach you can swim along the jetty and see plenty of sea life. Heaps of colourful coral and sea life hang around the pylons, whilst old parts of the jetty that have fallen are home to a variety of beautiful cephalapod. I really enjoyed my snorkel here, witnessed a small shark tackle a sand crab, squid darting away from the weeds, I even had a massive school of salmon power straight by me at one point!


I only swam about half way out before deciding to swim back in, a couple of k's in the water is enough to see heaps of wildlife down there. Once you have had your stroll over the jetty and jumped in the water, you've pretty much done the Busselton jetty right? Wrong! Head out to the small regional airport just out of town and see the place from the sky! There is a skydiving club which do tandems on the beach, but another really cool way to enjoy this place from the sky is in a Tiger Moth!

The Tiger Moth biplane has an open air cockpit and was the key aircraft for the RAF in WW2. Today these beautiful warbirds are a collectors item and provide an incredibly unique flying experience.
Tiger Moth Adventure Flights specialise in offering these unique experiences and I couldn't imagine a better way to see Busselton from the sky. As you can see, that water looks spectacular from within and above! If you are really lucky, you may even spot one of the rare Busselton mermaids frolicking around the jetty.

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