Saturday 12 December 2015

Romping around Dorigo National Park.


Nothing is quite like a nice stroll through a beautiful national park. Here in Aus we really are fortunate to have so many amazing, easy to access, well set out national parks. Dorigo National Park is amazing and another destination I haven't been to for quite a number of years. Nestled about an hour west of Coffs Harbour, known as a Gondwana Rainforest of Australia and is a link between the ancient pre-human times and today. Dorigo National Park is World Heritage Area and has rich Aboriginal culture and important sites dotted within.

The main walk there is about 6 k's and filled with stunning rainforest trees. You'll never feel alone with the abundant bird life singing throughout the upper canopy. Keep your eyes peeled and you're bound to witness a variety of insects foraging in the leaf litter, lizards scrambling for sunlight and birds flying about above.
Like any good national park in the high country you'll come across some nice waterfalls offering some great tranquil views. The Crystal Shower waterfall is quite stunning and has a natural cave you can walk around behind the fall. If there's been a bit of rain prior to your visit, be sure and check yourself for leeches from time to time. There had been quite a bit of rain before our visit and we had flicked quite a few small pink leeches off our shoes. I also had one extreme leech leap from a tree onto my thumb, needless to say that sucker got the flick quick smart!

Once you have finished your stroll through the park, there is a great little clearing with a picnic area to enjoy some lunch. Our entertainment over lunch was watching and listening to four king parrots playing in an adjacent tree as well as a variety of birds having some fun. With an entry fee of only $2 per person, Dorigo National Park is a gem that is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area. They also have a little cafe and gift store, which was quite convenient to visit leading up to Christmas!

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