Friday 9 August 2013

Cape York Adventure Part 7: The old resort at the top


Located about 100m from the Tip's car park was an old, run down, neglected resort. Cameron and I decided it would make for a nice morning to explore these ruins that we had seen the day before as we drove past. As we explored the area of what would have once been so beautiful, we had many a theory as to why it had gotten the way it had. One idea was that one year there may have been a cyclone that destroyed everything. Another idea was that the owners got sick of repairing it at the beginning of the dry season/ end of the wet season. We eventually heard it had once been owned by ANSET, but had been given back to the traditional owners. Unfortunately the resort became the way it did because of the lack of training given to the new owners on how to run a business. They had plenty of workers, but they would only show up for work once or twice a week, yet still expect to be paid their money and in full amount. The resort went bankrupt...

Sad story aside it was an interesting place to explore. The cabins each once had a bedroom, en-suite and small veranda. Even though it was not safe, we took the risk to enter these old buildings. The steps on most of them no longer existed, and if the beams were there, it may have only been every second step. There were holes in the floors, and they had been mostly stripped of power points, lights, fans, taps. Even the toilet bowls had been taken from some!

We continued around the and we were led to an open area that was covered in what looked like tin roof. Upon closer inspection we figured out it was covering what once was a swimming pool. Full of water, probably never emptied, and topped up in the wet season through the gaps. You can definitely see that the Aboriginal council who own this place don't care for safety. In any other area like this in the world, the whole resort, let alone the pool would be fully secure so that no one could get in then sue when they injure themselves. I'm not complaining, it made for an interesting adventure!

We continued on towards the building behind the pool, a bar at some stage. I looked up and saw the biggest green tree frog I'd ever seen. It was bigger than some cane toads I've seen along the way. I bet it has eggs and tadpoles in the pool too. Fully protected from predators, birds, or anything that would threaten to eat the growing frogs. We also came to where the laundry, kitchen, and cool rooms were. The labels were linen was stored was still there, however the shelves have seen better days! We then came across an old caravan and some storage sheds, and eventually the staff living quarters.

Continuing our walk around the Eastern side of the tip the views were just as spectacular as the Tip itself and the western side. The wind was very strong and we were holding onto our hats with all our might. It was also hard to walk. At one point Cameron had to grab my hand to help pull me. As we headed back to Rocky we found one final set of ruins. Maybe a boat shed for the resort, as there was a boat motor, and also a fish cleaning table, the place they may have done fishing charters from.

- Jeni

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