Saturday, 4 May 2013

Our adventure begins!

Jeni and I had been planning for our adventure for a while, we had purchased our Troopy Hightop camper, which my brother helped get into tip top shape for us, our other "city" cars were up for sale, but we were both at home living with our parents waiting for the time to be right.
Jeni had been applying for jobs like crazy, just wanting to get out of Newcastle and head north before the weather had become too cool. She asked if she should apply for another job at a small pub in Thangool, of course I told her to go for it. A couple of hours later I was on the phone with one of the managers who was more than happy to have us join the team, only thing is, he needed us there by Thursday midday... It was Tuesday midday and we were about 1200kms away (That's about 745 miles for the metrically challenged). We were excited, packed our things, well by pack I mean throw too much stuff into the troopy without much thought, bought a new pair of shoes and began our trip!
We drove until about 11 pm and had our first night camping out in the troopy in a lovely truckstop north of Goondiwindi. After barely enough sleep to keep a zombie active, we packed back up and began to cruise further up inland. When we finally reached Banana Shire I had the overwhelming urge to drink a Banana flavoured milk.
Not much further and we were on the final stretch to Thangool! I began to pump myself up, after all, today was Anzac Day, and after seeing how insane Anzac Day was back in Wangi Wangi, I was ready for anything! Was excited to begin work in a new pub on a busy day!
Finally, Thangool, we saw the pub, drove around the back and saw all the customers, it was overwhelming! Total customers at Hotel Thangool early Anzac arvo: 0.
A very different pub than I could ever imagine, it was moved from Banana and placed in Thangool in the early 1930's. The hotel is also known as the Qantas Lounge due to the fact a couple of hundred metres down the road is a small airport.
When I first saw the hotel I almost thought our Troopy may have had some Delorean type capacitors  despite not reaching 88 miles per hour on the trip, the vibe was really "oldschool". Flick taps, bottles of soft drink instead of postmix, black and white photos on the wall, worn bar stools and a ceiling covered in writing from all the previous workers.The place really had character! I'd recommend anyone passing through checks it out!

We met the couple who were overhauling the place and the Swedish backpackers who we were replacing and settled in!

So the first leg of our Aussie adventure had begun!

- Cameron


  1. Looks wonderful!
    How long are you there for?

  2. We are thinking we will continue on at the beginning of June. We want to travel further north before it gets too cold and we want to try make it to Darwin by July.