House Sitting

About us:
Hello! We are Jeni, Cameron, travellers, nomads, tour guides, house and pet sitters, travel-blog writers and fantasy fiction author (Cameron), whatever takes our fancy at the time. Originally, we are from Hunter Valley, Newcastle NSW, have been travelling Australia since 2013, house and pet sitting since 2015. We've visited all and lived in most of states now, enjoying the elements and scenery of sunsets, mountain bush walks, crystal clear snorkelling, bush tvs, (camp fires). We set out with the intention to find the perfect place to settle down, but we've only come to the conclusion there are still too many beautiful places to explore so for now we will keep at it.

House and Pet Sitting:
We decided to house and pet sit mainly because we missed being around dogs. Since starting house sitting we've looked after all types of pets including dogs, (some of them large, very energetic, sometimes both), puppies, chickens, ducks, sheep, a parrot, backyard swimming pools, gardens, lawns, and stayed at properties with septic tanks. We are willing to sit for most types of pets, just NO CATS as we are sadly both allergic. So far our sits have varied in length of 4 days - 6 months, we are very flexible.  We are up to our 18th sit.

What we can offer you:
  • Security for your house while you are away.
  • Keep your pets fed, watered, walked, played with, patted, loved.
  • Keep to pet/s routines and away from the stress of kennels.
  • Yards watered, weeded and mown and plants watered.
  • We are happy to discuss other requirements.
  • We are non-smokers and have no children
  • Contact you about mail you've recieved. 
  • Keep your house clean and tidy.
  • We are clean, tidy, reliable, friendly, relaxed, and good communicators.
  • Being in a younger age bracket of house sitters, (28 and 32), we have the energy to take care of energetic pets that require long walks, runs and playtime. 
  • Key attributes: Honest, flexible, communicative, reliable, love dogs.
Current Location:
Darwin, NT.

Current Availability:
May 2019 onwards.

Current Bookings/unavability:
16/4-27/4 Darwin, NT
September: overseas holiday.

Preferred locations:
Darwin, NT, now - August,
Newcastle, NSW, May - August, October onwards
Hunter Valley, NSW, May - August, October onwards
Mid-North Coast, NSW, June-August, October onwards
Plans for the year:
We have 2 family weddings to attend, May, and October, both in the Hunter, so while we are currently in Darwin, we are thinking of moving back soon.
We will be on an overseas holiday in September for a few weeks.
Contact us:
Aussie House Sitters, (free for home owners to join, and our preferred method of contact)

We started the year off with two repeat house sits from 2018. A good start. Currently we are trying to figure out where 2019 is taking us. We've had to part with our vehicle as we were unable to pass the rego due to rust. We are looking at returning to Newcastle at the end of April.

Sit #17, 18
March 2019, 4 days, April 2019, 10 days, Darwin, NT, 1 dog, (Staffy), 1 pool.
We were contacted directly by Raquel and Daron asking us to look after their staffy while they went away in April. A week after meeting them, they asked if we could do an emergency sit as they had to fly interstate for a funeral so of course we said yes. Stella is a happy, loving staffy, who's secret talent is tearing the husk off coconuts. This made for a good chew toy, and we had the reward of the coconut inside!

2018 proved to be our busiest year for house sitting yet. From February to December we house sat at 5 different houses, and 3 of those we did repeat sits for. We started the year in Tasmania, travelled the East Coast, and somehow ended up in Darwin!

Sit #12, 14:
July - August 2018, 6 weeks, December 2018 - January 2019, 5 weeks Palmerston, NT, 1 dog, (Kelpie X), 8 chickens, 5 acre property, 5 mango trees, bore/tank water, gardens.
We moved to Darwin mid 2018 to house sit for Bob and Mary looking after Monkey the Kelpie. Originally a 3 1/2 month sit, but just as life changes so do travel plans and unfortunately Bob and Mary's holidays were cut short to 6 weeks. During the time they were away we helped look after the 5 acre property, keeping the gardens and mango trees watered, enjoying the lovely fresh eggs, and of course having a good time with the cheeky Monkey dog. We did a repeat sit for Bob and Mary over Christmas, New Year while they went away again to visit family.

"Jeni and Cameron were excellent sitters. They endured our constantly changing plans and had to share the premises with us as our plans changed. Everything was extremely well looked after and they contributed to household supplies willingly. We have booked them to house sit over the Xmas /NewYear period. Highly recommended." - Bob and Mary, AHS

Sit #10, 11, 13, 15, 16:
Various sit lengths up to 3 weeks, June 2018 - February 2019 , Palmerston, NT, 2 dogs, (1 Staffie, 1 rescue X), 1 pool.
We pet sat for Sarah and Tom twice in June. We were heading to Darwin when we recieved a message from Sarah asking if we were available the next day to sit for their two dogs, Cruise and Bailey. As we were arriving in Darwin that day we accepted the sit for 4 days, and another for 5 days at the end of June. Cruise was a lovely, energetic staffie, Bailey was a very shy, rescue dog, but she eventually warmed up to us. These dogs gave us a laugh, they love each other, and loving and protective of Sarah and Tom's baby. We also enjoyed a swim in the swimming pool. Sorry, no photos of Bailey as she was too shy, but here's a photo of Cruise and Jeni.

"Jeni and Cameron looked after our house and two fur babies while we were away for two trips. Our dogs loved them (even though our rescue dog Bailey is shy - she warmed up to them). While we were away they kept our gardens looking great and the house was in great condition. We would have no hesitation asking Jeni and Cameron to come back again!" - Sarah and Tom, AHS

Sit #9:
April – June 2018, 7 weeks, Home Hill, QLD, contacted by homeowners.
We house sat for Annette and Gian while they went overseas for 7 weeks. They made first contact to us through Aussie House Sitters. There were no pets at this sit. The main requirement for us was to keep their garden and lawns looking green, healthy and mowed. The watereing system used bore/pump water, and we had no issues watering the yard, or keeping the herb pots alive and well. While we were there, we even managed to go to the Sweet Days, Hot Nights festival. There is an awesome Prawn Man in town too who gets prawns straight from the boat.

"We had Jeni and Cameron house sit for us while we were overseas for 6 weeks. We were a bit apprehensive as we had never left our home with other people before. We didn't need to worry as they did an excellent job looking after our house and yard while we were away. When we got back the house was clean (probably better than when we left it), the yard mowed and green and plants looked after. Jeni and Cameron are a lovely couple and we would highly recommend them for any house sit." - Annette and Gian, AHS. 

Sit #8:
March – April 2018, 2 1/1/2 weeks, Mackay, QLD, 1 large rescue dog, 1 parrot, 1 swimming pool.
Lucky, (8y/o), is an alpha-male, rescue dog who loved going for a play at the beach, or a drive in the car. He enjoyed going for walks when we were able to take him, (in between the pending cyclone weather we experienced). Squatter is an Indian Parrot, named so because she decided this was her home, when one day she was on the patio. She kept coming back over a couple of days and Helen and Eric decided to keep her.
It was very wet and windy during our stay here due to an impending cyclone that thankfully didn't eventuate. We got a few swims in during the first week before the rain, and spent the rest of the time writing. We found some coconuts one time during a walk and enjoyed the tropics. We love exploring the Mackay area including Eungella National Park, and Finch Hatton. Eric and Helen asked us back for another sit later in the year, but we will be in Darwin during this time.

“We had the great pleasure of having Jeni and Cameron house sit for us whilst overseas for two weeks. We found them to be great communicators which made the lead up to our departure easy and stress free. On meeting we found a warm, relaxed and friendly couple who ultimately looked after Lucky the dog, and Squat the bird with love at the same time as cruising through an impending cyclone with ease. On our return we found our house had been looked after with the same care and love. Thankyou Cameron for the fantastic spaghetti bol. - What a treat! We would highly recommend Jeni and Cameron and would have no hesitation in inviting them back if they were travelling this way.” Eric and Helen, AHS.

Sit #6, 7:
February – March 2018, 2 weeks, and a repeat sit for 4 days, Red Rock, NSW, 2 rescue terrier dogs.
Sam, (5y/o), and Jazz, (4y/o/), are lovely rescue terriers who adore attention, pats, and going for walks and runs along the nearby beach. Both are cunning and watched us like hawks for the chance of a pat, or food. They liked to lay in the office when Cameron was in there writing. When Kate and Ian got back from their holiday, they mentioned they were going away again the following week for a weekend trip to see some friends. They were going to put the dogs in a kennel. We offered to sit again as we were still in the area. They were very appreciative.
Red Rock is about 30 minutes north of Coffs Harbour, and is a small beach-side community. We love the area and visiting Cameron's Nan and Auntie. There are some lovely areas of coastline, but also many beautiful rainforests not too far away either.

“Jeni and Cameron are a caring and trustworthy young couple who took care of our home and two dogs while we were away for a 2-week holiday. On our return we found our dogs happy and well cared for, the lawns mown and the house tidy and cleaner than we'd left it, (in something of a rush). They have even kindly offered to return for a further 4-day stay just a week later, as we need to be away again and they are still in our area. This kindness will save us the hassle and expense of boarding kennels, and we know the house will be in good hands and the dogs delighted to have their spare parents back. Thanks so much, Cam and Jeni :)” Kate and Ian, AHS.

(Not an official sit)
February, 1 week, Rutherford, NSW, 1 husky X dog, 1 boarder collie puppy.
We tend to visit the Hunter Valley annually as we both have family here. We were staying with Cameron's brother. During our stay, him and his wife brought home the newest member of their family. A 6 week old, boarder collie puppy, named Molly. Oh so cute and fluffy. They also own an older husky cross, Max, (11y/o). Being there in the first week in her new home, we helped settle her in, watched for behaviour indicating she was going to wizz, played with her, comforted Max to stop him getting jealous. We thought this was worth mentioning even though not officially house sitting.

We did not house sit much in 2017. Jeni worked full time on a 10 on, 4 off roster and lived at work during the 10 on. Cameron spent the year working full time as an author. We did have one sit though, over Christmas in Hobart, which fitted perfectly on Jeni's days off.

Sit #5:
December 2017, 4 days, Lindisfarne, TAS, 2 Schnauzer dogs.
Bob and Pearl, two Schnauzers. This was the first sit we have done where we didn't meet the dogs before the owners left so we were a little nervous to see how the dogs would react to us. They were lovely dogs. They did take a little bit of time to warm up to us, but once they realised we would feed them and walk them, they grew fond towards us as their temporary humans. When we arrived, Pearl hid in the back garden for a couple of hours, Bob was welcoming straight away.
This was the shortest sit we have done, but it was a perfect little getaway for us over Christmas, that also happened to perfectly line up with my days off. We had water views, and being the opposite side of the river to the main part of Hobart we had lovely views of Mount Wellington, but silly us forgot to take photos. We went to Mona, and had some delicious oysters bought at Barilla Bay Oysters. They were so cheap and delicious particularly for Christmas Eve! On our last day we visited Mount Wellington.

“Jeni and Cameron sat for us with absolutely no negative issues - they communicated well, were neat and tidy, and looked after the pooches. Definitely a positive experience all round.” Helen and Paul, AHS.

2016 our travels were dictated by House sitting. We secured a six month sit in WA, March - September. We left the Hunter in February, travelled through SA. Afterwards we went down to Esperance.

Sit #4:
September-October 2016, 4 weeks, Esperance, WA, 1 boarder collie dog, sheep, chickens, ducks.
Smudge the boarder collie was an energetic, 1 y/o pup. He thoroughly enjoyed chasing tennis balls through the property. The best way to get the ball as far away as possible was to hit it with a tennis racket. He would play this game for hours if you were up to it. It was a good thing for Cameron with his writing when he needed a break from the computer as he would hit it for a bit before heading back inside. We loved having fresh chicken and duck eggs everyday!The sheep were no trouble to look after. We just had to feed them every few days. When Nicki and Steve returned home with their four children, Smudge and the kids were incredibly excited to see each other upon reuniting!
Esperance is a beautiful area. Cape Le Grand National Park is nearby. There are beaches in town also, our favourite was Twighlight Beach. Lucky Bay Brewing is our favourite micro- brewery so far in Australia.

Sit #3:
March-September 2016, 6 months, Glen Iris, WA, no pets.
This was our first long term house sit. Owners, Tim and Kathy, own a caravan and love the nomadic lifestyle. Glen Iris is a suburb of Bunbury, an 2 hours of Perth. We were happy to look after their house and yard while they were away. The garden had timers on the watering system, so really just a bit of weeding and occasional mowing. It was a cold winter, the coldest in 20 years! A bit of preparation for Tasmania in 2017. Not having been to WA before, we did a bit of exploring in the area. As there were no pets, Tim and Kathy were happy for us to not be there every night. Whilst we didn't wish to be away for more than one night at a time, we did an occasional trip to Perth. We did a couple of day trips to the Margaret River region too. Our favourite Shiraz was found locally at a nearby vineyard, Capel Vale, Whispering Hill Shiraz. Cameron also put his love of flying to good use, by helping out at Tiger Moth Adventure Flights, prop starting the planes from the outside while the pilot is in the cockpit and passenger behind. These planes were originally used in WWII. The Busselton Jetty was a treat to snorkel, we even saw mermaids! Gnomesville was a city for gnomes! The beaches in Bunbury were nice to swim before winter hit.

“These house sitters are nothing short of amazing! Jeni and Cameron are great communicators; warm; friendly; kind and generous. They looked after our home as if it was their own, keeping us informed at all times as to what was happening. We can't recommend them enough and will certainly contact them again when we go away. Thanks so much- you made our trip so relaxing because we didn't have to worry at all about home.” Tim and Kathy, AHS.

Sit #2:
December2015 – January 2016, 2 weeks, Nelson Bay, NSW, 2 energetic dogs, 1 swimming pool, veggie patch, contacted by home owners.
Sadly, we cannot remember the names of both dogs as I am writing this in 2018, and this was our second sit back in 2015. One of the dog's names was Gidget. One was a boarder collie. Both were energetic, but very lovely and friendly girls who took to us straight away. We looked after the dogs, kept the pool clean, watered the veggies. This was a lovely sit for us in Nelson Bay. It was not too far from Newcastle and went over Christmas, which meant we were able to see our families, which is a rarity for us sadly. We both thoroughly enjoyed this sit; the location, the friendly dogs, beautiful home. This sit was not advertised. We were contacted directly by Lesley and Phil as we were in the Hunter at the time.

“Jeni and Cam were absolutely brilliant house sitters. They came out of their way to meet us before the house sit. We felt extremely confident in their thoughtful manner that they would do a great job. The dogs took to them immediately. It was a delight to come home to a spotless house, happy and healthy dogs and a well maintained pool and veggie garden. Jeni and Cam are an honest and respectful couple and a delight to get to know. They are organised, communicate well and nothing is a problem for them to assist with and fit into your schedule. We highly recommend Jeni and Cam for your housesit giving you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday knowing your home and animals are well cared for.” Lesley and Phil, AHS.

Sit #1:
November 2015, 1 week, Corindi, NSW, 1 German Shepherd dog.
Kohana was a big German Shepherd boy, who enjoyed walks. This was our first house sitting experience. We had the option to stay in the Troopy, or a guest permanent caravan that was on site and had access to a fridge, shower, washing machine, and a camping toilet. We didn't get up to much as we were experiencing a heat wave over 40C, and just tried to keep cool. House sitting during a heat wave is hard enough let alone in a caravan or the Troopy, which neither had shade. It is for this reason we do not wish to accept house sits that require us to stay in our own vehicle as it is too hard to escape extreme weather, should it occur during our stay. When we're camping in the troopy, and the weather grows intense, we generally move to a more comfortable location or stay in a hotel until the weather blows over. This is not possible during a house sit.

“Cameron and Jeni minded my place and my dog for eight days during my absence. They did everything that was asked of them and most importantly, cared for my dog who was happy, healthy and content on my return. Cameron and Jeni are very personable, respectful and polite. I would highly recommend them for a reliable housesit.” Sally, AHS.

Contact us: 
Aussie House Sitters, (free for home owners to join, and our preferred method of contact)