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NSW is the most populated of the Australian states. It's capitol, Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. On the coast you'll find amazing beaches renown for surfing, head inland and you'll find beautiful farming country, from dairy to wine.
Traversing the east coast on a road trip up to QLD is a popular trip for locals and foreigners alike.

Known as the Sunshine state! The capitol here, Brisbane, is located in the south east of the state and not far from the Gold and Sunshine coasts.
Many Aussie's from the southern end of the East Coast will head to QLD for holidays, especially in the colder months as they aren't so cold up here. Amazing tropical rain forests and a variety of exotic life, from cassowarys to crocodiles, can be found in QLD. Not far off the north coast you can also find the Great Barrier Reef.

The Northern Territory is what many people know as "the outback" plenty of red dirt to play around in! It is home to our famous monolith, Uluru, also known as Ayres Rock. Many other beautiful sites can be found here like Kata Tjuta (Olgas), Kings Canyon, The McDonnel Ranges and much more. Darwin is the capitol

South Australia

The waters around South Australia are beautiful and full of marine life. The Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas are well known for their delicious seafood. It's capitol, Adelaide is very green for a city and was founded on status and wealth. The area on the south west which connects with Western Australia is known as the Great Australian Bight and is lined with massive sheer cliffs into the ocean. The Nullabor Plane is also a popular road trip among Aussies.

Western Australia

The entire west coast belongs to the well named state, Western Australia. Covering 2,529,875 square kilometres it is the biggest state in Australia. The capitol here is Perth, which is close to Rottnest Island, the home of the Quokka!
Many shallow calm shores make this a great place for water adventures.

Victoria is the little state that sits beneath NSW. Melbourne is the capitol of the state. We haven't spent too much time here as of yet, but we're happy to share what we do know.


The island state, Tasmania, is a magical place full of barely touched rain forests, crystal clear waters, and magnificent mountains to explore. Hobart is the capitol of Tasmania. While the state isn't all that large, the roads are mountainous and winding, requiring more time and care to navigate—especially when snowing—than one may imagine. Yes, snow. Tasmania can get quite cold!

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