Thursday 25 November 2021

Vlogging it at Bruny Island




Lately I've been having an absolute blast getting footage while freediving. That said, most that footage gets reviewed after the trip then stashed away. I have wondered how I could share more of my footage—especially the cooler stuff—and during my recent trip to Bruny the whole vlog idea smacked me. Our 2017 Bruny post was pretty sweet, so why not follow that up with some Bruny diving and some footage around the island? 

 Wasn't taking it too seriously, but am glad I gave it a crack. Taking a few photos and writing up a post afterwards is one thing, but taking footage of food and scenery definitely requires a bit more patience at the time! Will focus on keeping things smoother and giving every element a bit more detail if I decide to make another. A quick flash of the pub grub doesn't really convey the dining experience! We did visit the pub after a big day of diving and forgetting to take out snacks, so I'll blame it on that! Their parmys are perfect for anyone in a similar situation, and they don't have strict dining hours!

The Bruny Island Berry Farm was not the same place as we visited before. Unfortunately, the other one closed down not too long after our visit. Funny enough, we both remembered enjoying their waffles, but, after reinspecting the old post, we never wrote about it! The new one doesn't have waffles, but they do crepes, scones, and shakes. I absolutely loved my raspberry shake!

Was a great half-week away. Cheers Mike for suggesting I come down, and Chris for all the dives and inviting Jeni and I to stay at the shack.

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