Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Twelve Apostles

Australia's southern coastline is decorated with stunning cliffs. The Great Ocean Road, west of Melbourne, is a section of said coastline. It frequently has flocks of tourists enjoying the beauty, while not having to travel too far from Victoria's state capital, Melbourne.

The Twelve Apostles are the most well known—and photographed—section of the Great Ocean Road. After our tour of Tasmania, we decided to have a gander of the tourist hotspot ourselves. Of course, we took that mandatory selfie.

The apostles themselves are limestone stacks. The roaring forties have eroded this coastline over time, pounding the soft limestone, and hollowing out caves which eventually blew out into arches. These arches eventually gave way, leaving behind the pillars we see today. Eventually, the powerful southern ocean will destroy the apostles.

Be warned, visiting this place in the summer means it will be very busy. I was quite surprised to see just how many tourists, from all over the world, visit this location! It was a little ridiculous!

That said, it is pretty, and close to Melbourne. If you're planning a road-trip along this stretch of road, and to the Twelve Apostles, I'd recommend doing so in the winter. It should help you avoid the crowds.

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