Monday 20 August 2018

Ravenswood and Burdekin Dam

Between Ayr and Charters Towers lies the sleepy mining town of Ravenswood. After the gold rush in the mid-1800's, folks flocked to this area in search of the precious metal. By the early 1900's Ravenswood became a flourishing town.

Today, the place is a shadow of its glory years. There are still a few mines running, and the town thrives on winter tourism. Of the 48 hotels that once quenched the thirst of many a miner, only the Imperial and the Railway remain.

There's a small museum set up and a little town garden, but it's the heritage-listed relics of the past that are of the most interest to tourists. Old chimneys, brickwork, and other structures from the mills and processing plants can be found in and around the town.

A bit further south from the town is Burdekin Falls Dam. While this dam isn't the most impressive Australia has to offer, it's integral for supplying water to most the regions crops. Due to all the rain before our visit, the dam was overflowing. When it is not overflowing, you can drive across the dam.

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