Thursday 19 July 2018

Tasman: a Remarkable Peninsula


In the last post, Jeni shared her thoughts on the old penal colony of Port Arthur. Now, that place is really cool, but the Tasman Peninsula has much more to take in for those who want to explore a little more.

The Tasman Peninsula has some absolutely stunning shoreline. A part of this shore includes the tallest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere. These monstrous walls rise up 300m from the ocean ceiling.

Some well-noted sections of this coastline, which everyone should make an attempt to check out, are the Devils Kitchen, Tasman's Arch, and Remarkable Cave. Much of these formations are the results of the wild waves of time pounding away at the dolerite landscape. Dolerite is pretty strong and doesn't break down or collapse all that easy.

Of the peninsula's coastline we explored, Remarkable Cave was easily our favourite. For lack of a better word, it was remarkable. It's a short walk down fabricated stairs to get to the looking platform. This view alone is stunning. Inside, however, is remarkable!

Remarkable Cave is like a beach tunnel that forks out into the ocean. The inside is gorgeous, amplifying the sounds of the roiling ocean. Waves do come through, and can be a little strong and sudden, so keep an eye on the sets.

On the way out of the peninsula is Pirate's Bay. I mean, with a name like that, how could you not check it out! We went for a stroll along the beach, but failed to bump into any pirates or uncover any hidden treasure. Afterwards, on the way out, we cruised up a mountain lookout and witnessed a great view and bumblebees attacking thistle flowers.

The Tasman Peninsula is only 75kms from Hobart, making it an easy day trip for locals or anyone visiting the city. For anyone visiting Port Arthur, you would be crazy not to explore a little more of this remarkable peninsula.

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