Wednesday 11 July 2018

Mount Amos: Freycinet's Postcard Lookout

Freycinet is Tasmania's most popular coastal national park. It's not hard to see why; Wineglass Bay is absolutely stunning, and from atop Mount Amos, you score the perfect postcard view! Freycinet is also quite close to Hobart.

Tassie has some oddly pronounced locations. You may have read Freycinet in your head as frey-ki-net. Hey, I don't blame you; it is how it's spelt. However, it's actually pronounced fray-shay-nay. The park, and peninsula, were named after  Louis de Freycinet, a French navigator.

There are camping opportunities around Freycinet, as well as top-end resorts catering for those who seek quality comfort. We didn't spend too long here; climbing Mount Amos was our goal.

The walk up Mount Amos isn't all that long, taking a bit over an hour each way. That said, it is quite a tricky climb. From the carpark, the walk kicks off as a simple trail. After about a kilometre, you'll start scaling the mountain, much of which involves boulder-climbing and steep scrambles. Definitely not a walk for a rainy day! A decent level of fitness is recommended.

This hike can be quite tiring, but after each steep incline, you'll be rewarded with even more amazing views of this stunning national park. Taking a break, catching your breath, then losing it as you gaze in awe at the surrounding beauty, is half the fun of this climb!

After enjoying the beauty of Mount Amos, we took a quick cruise around to the lighthouse. Here you can take a short stroll around the cliffs that surround the lighthouse, all while scoring a fantastic view back at Mount Amos and the body of water that enters Wineglass Bay.

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