Saturday 7 July 2018

Bay of Fires

Northeast of Hobart, between Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point, lies a section of coastline known as the Bay of Fires. Unlike the section of coast further northCape Portland, which I recently posted aboutBay of Fires is extremely popular with tourists. The beautiful beaches, clear water, easy accessibility, and proximity to Hobart are good reasons for that.

This coast is covered in granite boulders that are covered in red lichen. This gives them a scorched appearance. It's rather picturesque and adds flavour to the name of the place: Bay of Fires.

There's plenty of places to camp, swim, bush-walk, and enjoy the beauty of Tasmanian coastal national parks. At the same time, civilisation is never too far away.

Despite the skies clouding up, and the cold weather rolling over during our time here, we enjoyed checking out the local sights and doing a few coastal walks. We even got close and personal with some of the local wildlife!

We ended up staying at Lagoon Beach Campsite. This place is free to camp, and as such, can be quite crowded. It has amenities in the form of drop dunnies. The camp spots are well spread out, offering a short walk to the nearby beach.
The Bay of Fires is an amazing place to check out and enjoy!

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