Monday, 25 June 2018

Waterhouse Point

Every year it seems harder and harder to find peaceful waterside places, that aren't packed to the brim, to camp. It's even harder to find such a place that's free, especially with crystal clear waters full of fish. Well, the Tasmanian coast still has plenty of gems for those seeking paradise.

We were told about Waterhouse Point by a friend's father. Visiting the place was one of the nicest night's camping we had. The water was great, and we even had the place to ourselves for most the afternoon!

The place is part of the stunning Waterhouse Conservation Area on Tasmania's north coast. It's pretty much directly northeast of Launceston. Waterhouse is well worth the visit, whether for a day trip, or a night or two.

I love snorkelling and hadn't been for quite a while. The weather had warmed up quite a bit for a few days, and everything was perfectly set for a splash. I was amazed to see just how beautiful the coastal waters of Tasmania were. The water was teeming with life! I honestly feel that the north coast of Tasmania is one of the nicest places on the planet, especially when the weather is warm.

After our dip we went for a wander around the area. Just like in the water, the land had so much life! We saw a bizarre, beady-looking grass that looked just like seaweed, amazing rocky shores, silkworms going crazy, and wombats and wallabies foraging for tucker.

If you camp here, there are no amenities. So, as always, take away everything you bring with you. This place is so magical and clean, it would be a complete crime to ruin it. Another heads up: we draped our wet clothes and snorkelling gear over a bush. Later on, we discovered it was right atop huge nests of giant ants. With the warm weather, the ants cover up their entrances through the day for insulation. Be careful where you leave your wet clothes!

Camping was peaceful. Other than the odd skippy or wombat that trod past from time to time, only one other family shared the place with us that night. Waterhouse is an absolutely stunning area, and I really hope it stays this way for future generations to enjoy!

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