Monday 28 May 2018

Reece Dam

With all the mountains and high rainfall of Tasmania's west coast, it's no wonder that Tassie has several stunning dams and hydro systems. Reece Dam is located west of Tullah, and is the final hydroelectric power station (of four)  along the Pieman River. 

I find dams an amazing feats of human engineering. Sure, the idea may sound simple, but seeing these in person amazes me every time. They're just so immense!

Fly fishing for trout is quite popular at Reece Dam. If you decide to have a crack at the sport, be sure and obtain a license.

The place is named after a bloke who was Tassie's premier for a total of forteen years, Eric Reece.

It is also a free camping spot if you're in the area. The place lacks amenities, however, so be sure and take your rubbish with you. It's important these amazing little spots remain pristine.

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