Thursday 24 May 2018

Mount Murchison

The drive from Queenstown to Burnie, Lake Plimsoll Drive in particular, is full of scenic beauty. Lake Plimsoll itself is a high-altitude lake surrounded by mountains. No matter how many times I did this drive, the scenery never grew bland. Driving back to Queenstown in the late afternoon lit the sky, lake, and mountains with all sorts of constantly changing reds and purples. I noted a walking track that went up one of the mountains along this road, Mt Murchison Track, and when Jeni and I finally got around to embarking upon it, we were far from disappointed!

The walk itself takes about 3 hours and is a little more on the harder side. As stated, Mt Murchison Track is on Lake Plimsoll Drive. It starts through cool forests, but quickly rises up and the flora thins out as you hike up this conglomerate mountain. The walk is quite rocky, requiring some boulder climbing and scrambles; dry weather is recommended.

We were fortunate to have a crystal clear skies and fantastic weather during our climb. This always enhances a good mountain hike. There were some interesting fungi and plants growing along the path, but it's the views of the region that really take your breath away. Like always, we've got some photos to share with those who don't have the opportunity to explore this amazing area. Unfortunately, photos don't give the panoramic views justice.

It felt as though there was no end to beautiful mountains and amazing walks through Tasmania. If you have the opportunity to climb up Mt Murchison Track, it's definitely worth the effort. Views from the peak will make you feel like a god overlooking creation. The visible vastness of the rugged landscape is an experience in itself!

I do hope that our Tasmanian posts are conveying the rugged beauty of Australia's island state. It's a magical place, and definitely worth a visit.

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