Sunday 15 April 2018

Canyoning at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is one of the best-known mountains in Tasmania. Named so due to its cradle-like appearance. The mountain is made up of dolerite rock—really hard stuff that generally rises in columns.

Dove Lake is at the base of the mountain and makes for quite a peaceful and leisurely stroll. The boardwalk is top quality, and the park is really well taken care of. It's no wonder people flock from all over the world to visit such a stunning and accessible slice of wilderness.

We did enjoy a leisurely stroll, but we had other plans piled up on our plate. Our second day at Cradle Mountain involved canyoning! What is canyoning, you may ask? To put it simply, it's awesome. I initially saw a photo in a travel booklet showing some crazy bloke going down a natural water slide, and, despite my fear of cold water, decided I wanted to be that crazy bloke. Yep, that's canyoning. Climbing, abseiling, jumping into over-sized puddles (running waterfalls) and having a jolly good time.

A mob called Cradle Mountain Canyons run tours through this exciting sport, and I cannot recommend them enough. The price may seem a little daunting, especially to someone travelling on a tight budget, but this is an incredible experience that no fun-loving thrill-seeker can afford to miss. Seriously, if you're thinking about doing this and worried about the cost, skip a few nights out or just don't eat. It will be worth it!

We were lucky to have an amazing trio of guides. Al, Felix, and Matt were knot good, taking care of all the rigging so the rest of us (especially those, like myself, who are knot terrible) could focus on having fun, splash about, and do our best to make it look like we understood how to abseil. These top guides even carted us down some smoko! Top blokes, and an amazing team!

While it's quite obvious that this is an amazing tour, some parts were downright out of this world! At one point, you are lowered into this cave that looks like something from a fantasy movie. Then, you slide on out down a twisty-turvy natural slide and pop out down a waterfall. An absolute experience!

Along with the fun and excitement, the guides are knowledgeable and share some tales about the area and the canyoning run. One particular story was about a canyoneer who stated, "No man could possibly go any further." Then we went further. Awesome!



While we didn't spend too long at Cradle Mountain, we thoroughly enjoyed our time. The sights were sensational, the walk we did was splendid, but it was the canyoning that we'll never forget! If you're interested in having a crack yourself, check out for more info.

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