Sunday 18 December 2016


With its long sunsets, silica beaches, and the lovely Cape Le Grand National Park not too far away, Esperance truly is a picturesque part of Australia. If you are crossing the Nullabor, it may be the first, or last, big town you go through if you take the southern route through WA. It has all the stuff you need to stock up, but a word of warning, the tap water is far from the best tasting around. There is also a really good mechanic workship in the area called Stagg's Mechanical Repairs. If you need to get something checked after the Nullabor, or want something looked at before, I'd highly recommend him.
We made it our home base in southern WA for about 3 months. Although between writing my third book, completing the finishing touches of my second book, Silvaste's Spear, and working an evening job, I really didn't explore the place as much as I would have liked.
Esperance is home to the awesome Lucky Bay Brewery and some really nice beaches, Twighlight Beach being the local favourite.
A lot of the days between September and December were quite cold, and incredibly windy, and if going for a swim was on the agenda, you either had to go early in the morning, or wait for the easterly winds. We did go in the drink on a couple of occaisons, and the crystal clear waters make it truly worth it.
Another interesting thing to see in Esperance is "Pink Lake" despite it's name, it is very rarely actually pink, and from what I've heard from the locals, it is pink about as often as the Todd River flows! We had a bit of time to spare one sunny evening, so took a photo with it as pink as it gets, well the sky was pink anyway! It is still worth taking a quick stop to enjoy the view, just don't get your hopes up for it to be pink!