Wednesday 5 October 2016

Jilakin Lake and Buckley's Breakaway

Venturing through the Western Australian Weatbelt you will find yourself coming across all sorts of salt lakes and granite outcrops. Not far east of Kulin, after cruising along the Tin Horse Highway, you can find yourself at the beautiful Jilakin Rock and Lake.
Traveling through in spring you will find yourself surrounded by blooming flowers all around the base and atop Jilakin Rock. From atop you will also get a spectacular view of the salt lake below. While romping around the rock in spring you may notice some small dragons scrambling about, birds flying around and butterflies and bees spreading pollen. It really is a lively rock!

Now camping is not permitted here most the time, although once a year, close to Easter, there is a festival called Blazing Swan. This festival is full of artists that were inspired by the USA's Burning Man festival. Yep, they make a big wooden swan, then watch it burn! Camping is also available if you attend the festival, which makes a lot of sense, once you inhale all that art you can't be expected to drive off to find another camp! If you are craving some free camping though, there's no need to worry, Kulin has a great place to camp for the night, free of charge. An interesting thing they have in the free camp is a bucket where they ask campers to pop the receipts of their town spendings in. This is a great little way to tally up exaclt how much free campers spend in small towns, and is paving the way for more small towns to follow suit.

Further east there's another interesting place to check out, Buckley's Breakaway. This place has been hit with some artistic erosion, cutting away at the land revealing some amazing white and orange cliffs. Inside and out of this unusual valley is filled with plantlife, beautiful flowers, and some interesting fungus.
A lovely spot to stretch the legs, run around and get some silly photos!

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