Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Ridin' on down the Tin Horse Highway

As we continued east through the WA weatbelt, we began to notice some unusual creatures scattered amongst the landscape. They were horses, only they weren't horses, they were made of metal! Upon entering the small friendly town of Kulin, we discovered this phenomenon commenced in the region as a way of directing people to the local annual horse race. The locals then began to compete with each other, making more and more of these tin horses, to show off artistic talent, throw down a bit of tongue in cheek humour or even as a clever way to advertise a local business. The 23 kilometres east of Kulin is thus dubbed the Tin Horse Highway, and despite perfectly maintained sealed roads, our first drive down this road took us about an hour, as we kept pulling over and scoping out the cool artwork on display.
There are well over 100 tin horses on this highway, here are some of our favourites.

As you can see there were heaps of interesting horses down this highway! If you look at the second last photo, you'll notice the end of this road points to the location of the Kulin Bush Races. A bit further up ahead you'll also find Jilakin Lake and Jilakin Rock.

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