Wednesday 15 June 2016

Sugarloaf Rock

West of Busselton lies the gorgeous Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. There's a lighthouse by the ocean and it marks the beginning of the Cape to Cape walk, which finishes down south near Augusta. We weren't quite up for the 135k each way trek, but the first section of the walk takes you out to Sugarloaf Rock. This little section prides itself as 'access for more' in the way it is a sealed path, offers easy walking, nice lookouts and even accessible by wheel chair. This makes the walk itself a nice pleasurable one to enjoy the beautiful shrubland by the WA coastline. Early on we noticed a sign warning of snakes and lizards. Being quite cold, windy and June, I dismissed the sign... Only to find on a small brown snake taking in the sun a few hundred metres away! It wasn't the only critter to be taking advantage of the cloudless sky! Plenty of smaller lizards and a variety of birds were also out enjoying the day!

As we walked further along we noticed some dolphins mucking about out in the ocean which is always nice to see. Further along I saw this brilliant black and yellow streak go past me. Turns out a flock of these amazing looking small birds really like the trail as well. They were busy flying around, feeding on flowers and checking in with their chicks. They also happened to keep their distance after they spot you. The wildlife was pretty nice during winter, but I'd imagine this would be an incredible walk during spring when all the plants are in flower!

At the end of the path we find ourselves getting closer to the stunning Sugarloaf Rock and beginning to understand why this is one of the most photographed locations on the south west. The waters here are wild and it is quite relaxing watching the waves pound up against this stunning chunk of weathered granite. There is also a carpark at the Sugarloaf Rock section of the national park, which I think could be quite useful as place would make for an amazing place for a summer sunset.

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