Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Further down the Sturt highway you'll find yourself in a town called Hay and this place is flat, very flat! Driving through the countryside around Hay you will notice it is flat as far as the eye can see and because of this, a World War 2 prisoner of war camp was established here. Hay is a lovely small town and a great place to visit without draining your bank account. At the Information Centre you can rent a bike, for free, to check out this quaint town. We grabbed a pair of bikes and set off to the north side of town to find the Dunera Museum.
The Dunera Museum is the old historic railway, a couple of carriages have been refurbished with information on the old PoW camps. This place is full of a lot of great information, however most of it is reading text and photos of old memorabelia that is housed in other museums and collections. Some of the stories about German and Austrian Jews along with other people being sent over to Australia for safety and then ending up here are quite interesting. They were all an integral part of building the foundation of the area, even if the Japanese did get a bit unruly and incite chaos.
Afterwards we jumped back on our bikes and did a bit of a lap around town. We rode past the old Gaol then checked out a park on the south side by the river. A collection of sculptures were placed around the town which you can check out here.
All in all Hay is a great little town with vast culture, if you are into Aussie history and museums you could quite easily spend a whole day or even two here in Hay!

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