Wednesday 24 February 2016

Fitzroy Falls and Badgery's Lookout

"Hooroo!" we called out to the coast, it's time to head inland!
We set off north west from Nowra only to be welcomed by the great dividing range. One thing Rocky doesn't do fast is ascending up steep inclines! Lucky for us the rain forest scenery is spectacular!
After most the mountains had been scaled we decided to go for a wonder around Fitzroy Falls which is part of the massive and spectacular Moreton National Park.
One thing quite interesting about this place is that in the 1860's a town was actually planned to be here. Good thing that never came to fruition as this really is a beautiful spot to admire nature, the sheer cliffs and big views can feel quite surreal. There are an east and west rim walk available, we took the east, which is a nice casual, about 3.5 km return walk out to Renown Lookout. Along the walk several lookouts will be presented to you giving you different angles to view the waterfalls, valley and mountains in the distance. Another really cool fact about this place is there is a type of flower which splurts out a pheromone like that of a specific female wasp, the male wasps of the breed are attracted, give it a poke, fly off with the pollen and go poke another. Aint that just lovely!
After having a great walk, we continued west and found ourselves driving out to a place called Badgery's Lookout. While driving out to this place we didn't expect too much, however the views were spectacular! There is a walk here, but it was getting a little late in the arvo and we were wanting to make it to Goulbourn. If you were looking for somewhere quite to camp in the area, Badgery's Lookout would be a top spot, there are little enclosed fire barbeques available and the view is tops too!
We arrived in Goulburn just as a blues festival had finished up in the park. We decided to have dinner here and listened to some groovy tunes coming from one of the local pubs. Despite plenty to do being available in Goulburn, we personally didn't stay too long. There's a lot of road between the New South Wales coast and the Western Australian coast and we had to make tracks!

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