Thursday 18 February 2016

On The Road Again: Jervis Bay, beginning our journey to WA.

If you've been reading our blog lately, you'd see that Jen has cracked into the world of House Sitting. We decided a long term house sit, wherever it may be, would be a good way to decide on how we'd start our 2016 adventure! With so many people heading out on long caravan trips every year we figured it would not be that hard of a thing to find. Jeni sent messages to a few people from all around the place and we ended up agreeing to house sit for a couple over in WA. This was quite exciting for us as I had never been to WA and Jeni was keen to see more of it. Seeing the quokkas on Rottnest and the whale sharks of Ningaloo are both high up on my to do list and there'll definitely be a blog on those characters later in the year!
We finished up catching up with our friends and family from home, but decided to head a little south to catch up with some of my other relos in Nowra before setting off west. Once we arrived we were told we have to check out Jervis Bay. We went out for a tour with my cousin, Victoria, to see the beautiful beaches and views of the magnificent bay. She took us out to Husskisson Beach and we went for a short walk over the rocks. The view of the bay from here was amazing and we got a good look of Perpendicular Point on the northern peninsula, and a big naval carrier ship. It didn't take long for us to decide we would have to spend the next day snorkelling around this beautiful part of the world.
Hyams Beach was our first snorkelling location. We set in at the boatramp, parking isn't available at the ramp, but just up the hill on the main road there's plenty of parking. We leapt in then headed north along the coast line, the visibility was good and the surf was pretty tame. We saw a variety of small pretty fish, along with some good eating fish like marwhong, bream, whiting and ludrich. After a while we came to a long beach and decided to take a break, warm ourselves back up and begin the trip back.

Back at the boat ramp we sat in the park and had some lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of Jervis Bay. We then set off to the Beecroft Peninsula, this is the northern headland of Jervis Bay and is used as a military firing range through the week. From 1pm Friday arvo, through to Sunday night, the public has access to a good portion of the peninsula. You'll meet a bloke at a security checkpoint who will take a scan of your ID and give you some info on where you want to go. We set off for  Bindijine Beach, a beautiful little spot on the south west of the peninsula. We jumped out at the carpark, grabbed our snorkelling gear and set off down a path to the coast.
We leapt in and set out into the bay. The water here was warm, rather shallow and incredibly calm. Most the beach floor was carpeted with a sea grass, but we swam to the southern end of the beach and along the rocks we found all sorts of sea life. The visibility here was far better than that of Hyams Beach and we ended up looking around the Bindijine for a couple of hours.

Due to the fact our last few trips have been into crocodile country and inland/desert locations we hadn't snorkelled for quite a while. After we got back ashore, I grabbed myself a beer and inhaled a few gulps. At this point we were buggered and decided we'd check out more of the region on our next visit. Before leaving Beecroft Peninsula we finished the drive out to the Lighthouse and enjoyed the beautiful view of the entire bay on one side and the ocean on the other.
Always exciting to begin a new trip and this was an amazing way to start! Now it's time for us to start heading west!

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