Thursday 28 January 2016

Watagan Mountains

The Watagans Natiaion Park is a stretch of the Great Dividing Range, south of Cessnock, West of Lake Macquarie. It's about 77 km² and is a great place to go out exploring. We decided to take Evelyn and Charlotte on another outing looking through the bush while still in the Hunter and what better place than the Watagans!
The drive out from Cessnock is beautiful and scenic, the track was a bit rough from all the rain this season, however being in the troopy we had no worries!
Our first stop was at Hunter Lookout to stretch our legs and have a look at the beautiful view! While having a look around we were lucky enough to hear a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo having a squawk up in the canopy.
After enjoying the views we set off for the Boarding House Dam area. This was a stella choice for the day due to the fact back in town it was about 40 degrees, but up in the mountains under the canopy the air was much, much cooler. The designated walk by the dam is quite an easy walk, as soon as we begun we were enthralled by the enchanted feel of the place. Huge tree's which had fallen down and now covered with moss and large boulders covered in green make this bit of bush feel more like a magical forest!
After we reached then midpoint of the walk and with the girls leading the charge, we ended up slightly off the beaten track! We then commenced "climbing rocks" following the rivers path. This made for a great fun bit of exploring! After several hours of climbing rocks and searching for interesting things, we made our way back to the designated path and made our way back to the dam for lunch. After lunch a swim was in order. This was a great idea, except for the fact we were in the mountains and had just had a heap of rain... It was cold so cold we couldn't feel our toes!

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