Sunday 9 August 2015

Li'l Aussie Monsters!

So it has been a while since either Cam or myself has posted anything, but 2015 has been far from boring! One of the joys of living in Australia, particularly visiting amazing places is the lack of reception to be able to write about the awesome things that we get up to. Not a bad thing really in today's internet obsessed society, it just means that like today while I have a day off, and I'm in a place where reception is available I can update the blog from happenings on the last few months. So just a warning that I may post a few blog updates in the coming weeks (hopefully)! The first blog is to be about visiting the Australia Zoo all the way back in April.
After spending the weeks leading up to Easter visiting relos in NSW and the Gold Coast, it was time for us to continue our voyage North, but not before making use of a voucher we were given to visit Australia Zoo. The one that the former famous 'Croc Hunter' Steve Irwin's family owns. CRIKEY!

Ironically I think I saw more African animals than Australian animals but my favourtie thing to watch was the otter show. The otters were both female, a younger and an older one. The older one had cataracts on her eyes and while the younger was more playful, she still took care of the older one. It was very sweet to watch them later on when the feeding show was not on.

During the day we spent it wandering the paths and seeing the huge variety of exhibits and attractions. Of course the croc show was one of the highlights of the day. It was scary to see how close the trainers get to the prehistoric creatures!

But this leads me to talk about something more recent. During our travels, adventures and tour guiding jobs we are always intrigued by the variety of Aussie animals real, and made up; ones that us Aussies make up spending many hours convincing foreign tourists that they actually exist including drop bears, bunyips, hoop snakes etc. Cameron has been inspired to create some aussie creature cartoons based on real and mythical aussie creatures and the adventures we have. The brand of characters is called Li'l Aussie Monsters. There are now 7 characters in the Li'l Aussie Monsters  range each with their own story, a bit about the character and how they came about. The characters are: Bubba Bunyip, Charlie Chocodile, Daryl Dingo, Gary 'the gaming' Goanna, Johnny Jump Bear, Peggy Penguin, and the latest released this week is Splashin' Joey Kangaroo. The sizing of the shirts are available from 2 to adult.
Happy travels!
 - Jeni

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