Thursday 15 August 2013

Cape York Adventure Part 9: Backtracking

The final part of the Cape York Saga!

Going right up to the top of Cape York really is amazing, however everything that goes up, must come back down (Unless of course you tried to shoot down the Gunshot!).

Just as it was a long journey up, it is just as long back down. By the time you have made it up however, you may have heard some interesting tales about locations you didn't know about or blatinly bypassed, this is a great opportunity to scope these places. We were on a bit of a time limit, so had to skip Captain Billy's Landing, Chilli Beach and the Iron Ranges National Park. We did however hear plenty about the famous Archer Burgers sold at Archer River Roadhouse and they were definitely worth popping in for.

Weipa is still there at that halfway point if you desperately need something or if the car is playing up just a tiny bit too much. If you have more dollars than sense and have gotten all you need out of your 4WD, you could give one of the harder parts of the Old Telegraph Line a rougher shot or just enjoy the corrugations back to society!
It doesn't matter how you get back home, knowing you made the journey is incredibly fulfilling and you'll have some memories and stories to last a lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Cape York and learnt a bit about northern QLD here with the Trooprock Aussies!

 - Cameron

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