Thursday 15 August 2013

Cape York Adventure Part 8: Somerset and Punsand Bay

Just south of the tip there is a couple of main beach locations. Somerset Beach on the east and Punsand Bay on the west. At Somerset you have the opportunity to free camp, but over at Punsand you can have a shower!
We went over to Somerset Beach first, there's an authentic 44 gallon drum dunny by the carpark. There's also a small graveyard where the true son of the north, Gordon Vidgen lies. Somerset Beach is a slightly muddy beach but not too bad for taking a stroll down. Further north you can inspect some cave paintings at low tide, or move down the south side through the mangroves to check out part of the old homestead'a windmill.
Around the corner from the beach is the Somerset Homestead with some old cannons and memorial.

We didn't intend on heading over to Punsand Bay, however after being tipped off there was a pool and bar, we began to see the light. Late we bumped into H and C our German buddies again and decided to head up to Punsand with them.
Once we got there, we set ourselves up, downed some grub and stripped off for a dip in the pool! The weather was sweltering and the sun was burning hot! As we approached the pool we noticed it was inhabbited by a bunch of mothers with their kids and the pool was only about waiste height! Oh well, beggers can't be choosers!
After a quick dip we went over to the "Corrugation Bar" which had the second half of a Knights game playing and cold Tooheys New on tap, needless to say we spent the night here sharing stories with H and C, helping each other understand languages a little better and ate a few bowls of pomus!

- Cameron

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