Friday 9 August 2013

Cape York Adventure Part 6: Making it to the top!

The final leg of the trip see's you heading north out of Bamaga towards Cape York! The Tip!
This track throws you back into the dirt and corrugations, but at this point it's hard to care, you're almost there! Not too far up and you reach "The Croc Tent", a tent setup with merchandise and paraphernalia for the whole family. The bloke running the show is also full of ideas and gives out maps, so definantly worth the stop in! I couldn't resist and purchased myself a singlet saying Cape York!

Once you leave the croc tent it's only 17 k's drive to the tip or "Pajinka" as the indingenous call it. As you get further the road becomes a single lane rain forest drive, just watch out for the giant 4WD tour buses that cruise through and enjoy the scenery! Towards the end of the forest their is a single river crossing, good thing that most vehicles that get this far have no need to worry about a bit of water under the bonnet!

On the edge of the forest is an old abondoned resort and then you reach a car park on the beach. Jump out and a 10 minute walk will see you arrive at the very top, the most northern point of the Australian mainland and a top spot for taking photo's with the sign!
If you have got some wacky photos at the tip why not share your tip photos by clicking here!
 Some folk, myself included try their hand at a bit of fishing of the tip, but I think it's more of a "I did that" thing rather than a way to catch a feed.

The breeze is pretty intense as you sit relaxing on the rocks where The Gulf of Carpentaria, The Coral Sea and Torres Straight meet. It is an amazing feeling knowing you finally reach the top!
If the tide is low (or if you are feeling adventurous!) you can climb around the west side of the tip. Here you'll stumble across lots of little crabs and mudskippers plus some interesting rock formations. There is also some mangroves, didn't see no crocs there, but probably best to keep clear!

We bumped into our German buddies, H and C again, and decided we'd build a beach fire and camp the night.
Was amazing sitting on the beach as the sun went down and the fire went up!

- Cameron

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