Thursday 8 August 2013

Cape York Adventure Part 4: The Jardine River

After battling your way to the almost top of Australia you will come to the Jardine River. It's not that big, but there's only one way to cross it and that is by paying the NPA a small fee of $129. So much for that budget right! Well the crossing permit does entitle you to camp for free north of the river and some spots south.
There is also a camp site at the river, which after that long trip to get here, the allure of a hot shower is pretty intense!

The river is a nice place to spend the night. We bumped into some people we had seen down the track and also made some new friends in a couple of German's, H and C, who we ended up bumping into and camping with for the next 4 days!
Jeni cooked up some potato skins and snags on the fire which was great and I practiced playing the ukulele, which was not so great.
Some people try their hand fishing in the Jardine river, however if all the stories about crocs are true, there is probably no fish left in there!

Next morning we prepared ourselves for our massive voyage across the Jardine, which lasted about a minute, maybe 45 seconds.

- Cameron

Next Bamaga, Seisia, New Mapoon, Injinoo and Umagico

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