Wednesday 7 August 2013

Cape York Adventure!

Jeni and I have just returned from our Cape York adventure and are ready to share it with the world!
The Cape York Peninsula is a huge chunk of Australia, which is big enough to be a state on it's own. There's plenty to explore here and it's understandable why some Aussies have done the trip numerous times!
Some beautiful untouched locations can be found by poking around in random places, The Old Telegraph Track is available for anyone wanting a good hit of offroad action, plenty of rivers and coastline for fishing. Although you can't swim in too many locations due to the Saltwater Crocodiles who love the warmer climate, well you can, just you're probably not going to have a very good time.
Mid winter every day feels like the middle of summer back home (Newcastle, NSW), boardies, singlet and thongs were worn every day north of Cooktown!
Only thing you need to be wary about with this trip, provided you go in the dry season, is lots of dust and 100's of kilometers of corrugated roads! Give your vehicle a good service before heading north and you should be sweet!

As this adventure was huge, to save writing one novel length blog we're going to break it down into 9 (Or more!) parts which are:

1. Beginning of the trip Lookout, Hann River, Coen
2. West Coast Weipa, Mapoon
3. Getting to the tip - The Old Telegraph TLine and the Bypass to The Jardine River
4. The Jardine River
5. Bamaga, Seisha, New Mapoon, Injinoo, Umagico
6. Making it to the top!
7. The old resort at the top
8. Somerset and Punsand Bay
9. Backtracking


- Cameron

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