Thursday 30 May 2013

Mount Morgan - The Mountain of Gold!

On our trip towards Rockhampton, Jeni and I decided we’d spend a night in Mount Morgan and check out the mine on the 28th May. The major attraction for us was that there was a swinging bridge and dinosaurs, well there used to be dinosaurs.

We decided we’d go on a guided tour. Not sure if guided tours are the best approach for us, but it was enjoyable all the same. We were the only couple on the tour who paid the adult fare rather then the aged pensioner fare everyone else was paying!
The father-daughter team took us around the town and then to the mine. All sorts of good info was shared.

First we went to the swinging bridge, which wasn’t as swingy as I was hoping, it was a replica created for tourists as the originals had all fallen down. After some swinging on the bridge we headed up to a lookout which showed a great view of Iron Stone Mountain, the mine, and the huge chimney. Which also happens to be the largest free standing chimney in Australia. Down one side of the lookout was an area known as Tipperary. When the mine was booming 2000 Irish miners lived down there, today only 200 people do. Was amazing to think this small town once housed 15000 people!

At the base of the mine we entered the museum, which houses a bunch of rocks describing what ores would be found within, old dinosaur fossils found onsite and a bunch of stuff showing how the place used to operate. Including a really interesting 3D model of the mine with mineral hotspot locations.

We then cruised up the hill and scoped out some of the old mining machines and facilities. Old buildings that looked like something from Western movies, machines all rusted and right up the top the view of the catchment of all the contaminated water which is probably where the plesiosaurs live!
Was all quite fascinating and one thing we most surely learnt is that mining operators definitely have it much easier these days!

- Cameron

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